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Industry Surveys
Get ahead of the curve on industry drivers


CFRA's Industry Surveys provide deep insights into 11 sectors and 44 major U.S. industries, plus 10 key European and Asian industries. With broad fundamental overviews, recent performance statistics, and analysis of trends, they supply all the facts needed to quickly identify the key drivers of an industry.

•    Anticipate industry trends
•    Analyze new markets
•    Forecast market developments
•    Obtain essential industry statistics
•    Conduct industry due diligence and mitigate risk
•    Monitor competitors and peers
•    Uncover new investing opportunities
•    Support training and development needs

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Take the Legwork Out of Industry Research

Based on direct client feedback, the recently redesigned and enhanced versions of the Industry Surveys include more graphical representations of important data points, an easier to read format that puts greater attention on actionable conclusions and key takeaways, and the addition of surveys on several new industries.

Our goal is to make it simple and easy for investors to understand and act upon the key findings of our industry-leading research team and to provide all the facts needed to quickly identify the key drivers of an industry.

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the new design!

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Broad fundamental industry overviews

Key ratios and statistics

Revenue and profit trend analysis


CFRA’s Industry Surveys are written by our team of experienced and independent equity and industry analysts, who provide forecasts and projections for each industry, along with explanations of how they arrived at their assessments. Industry Surveys are complete with tables, charts, and other graphical material – containing both reported data as well as our analysts’ projections -- to support and illustrate the author’s analysis.

Save hours of research time and get all the facts you need to quickly understand an industry's unique characteristics and key drivers.