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The Road to Recovery  

August & September 2020

CFRA’s Wednesday Webinars are one-hour sessions held biweekly to cover various themes that are important for investors and financial professionals to consider as they plan and execute their strategy.

In our two-month series, The Road to Recovery, CFRA analysts will explore trends across key industries impacted by Covid-19 as the market downturn presents both challenges and opportunities in technology, science, industrials, real estate, and more. We will also provide examples of how CFRA applies an Expectations Framework to identify opportunities for excess returns and our analysts’ stock ratings.

While the journey may be an arduous one, CFRA is here to guide you with the latest market, sector, and industry analysis, highlighting what you may expect from both bull and bear scenarios. Register for the biweekly webinar series and stay in the know.


Session 1: August 12, 2020, 11:00 am ET

Disruptive Technologies & Cloud Computing Opportunities Accelerate

The recent market downturn can be fuel for software firms seeking to cross the chasm, as critical enterprise applications continue their move to the cloud. Software is no longer just aiding in the management of labor and capital in the means of production, increasingly, software IS the means of production. In conjunction, the need for data centers has intensified as the semiconductor and storage provider industries accelerate data growth, while artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies expand.

During this session, CFRA analysts John Freeman and Angelo Zino will provide CFRA’s expectations and forecasts for the software, semi-conductor, and data storage industries, including -

  • Enterprise applications, the continued “Digital Transformation”, and the reality that underlies this buzzword.
  • The rise of meta software and how it follows from -- and is critical to – the digital transformation.
  • The renaissance for reality simulation and how this technology is used - from product design, to video games, to predicting consumer behavior, to modeling macroeconomic scenarios.
  • E-commerce, digital advertising, and how Covid-19 and the physical retail nightmare is accelerating the fall of broadcast/print media.
  • CFRA’s forecasts for emerging technologies in an AI world and the companies best positioned for machine learning and inferencing capabilities.
  • Expectations for capital spending plans among the biggest cloud providers and the suppliers poised to benefit from these disruptive, secular trends.

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Session 2: August 26, 2020, 11:00 am ET

Health Care: Covid-19 Therapies and Investing in the Medical Landscape

Covid-19 has bifurcated the biopharma industry into companies that are working on Covid-19 therapies and those that are not. In parallel, risks to public health continue to increase after medical procedure volumes declined significantly at the peak of the pandemic.

During this session, CFRA analysts Sel Hardy and Kevin Huang will highlight -

  • Companies focused on leading treatments and vaccines, the commercial opportunities, and how this is reflected in share prices.
  • Manufacturing and R&D challenges faced by companies working on Covid-19 vaccine and treatments.
  • Benefits that health care distributors will likely experience from large scale distribution efforts.
  • Impacts to and outlook for health care providers, medical device, and managed care companies as procedure volumes recover, and what the recovery will look like.

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Session 3: September 9, 2020, 11:00 am ET

Invest in American Infrastructure: Opportunities, Risks, and Politics

This webinar will provide a better understanding of the infrastructure opportunity and the potential risk to federal funding. CFRA analysts will share their research insights on the potential timeliness to federal legislation, outlook for addressable markets, and the industries and companies most likely to benefit.

During this session, CFRA analysts Matthew Miller, Elizabeth Vermillion, and Richard Wolfe will explore –

  • Major trends and the outlook for construction materials and steel, construction machinery and engineering, and building products industries.
  • The Covid-19 impact, and how infrastructure-related companies are responding to get work done and how some companies are delivering health-related products for cleaner air.
  • CFRA’s outlook on the industries and companies most likely to benefit, including our STARS coverage to help investors better understand trends and themes impacting their investments.

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Session 4: September 23, 2020, 11:00 am ET

Real Estate Road to Recovery from the Abyss

This CFRA webinar will provide a better understanding of real estate investment trusts (REITs) with the macro factors driving the road to recovery, including fundamentals and whether stocks are undervalued. CFRA analysts Ken Leon and Chris Kuiper will share their research insights on how each property type in the real estate industry has been financially affected by the Covid-19 impact and how long the recovery may take for these asset classes. Specific topics include - 

  • Highlights of the current real estate environment and expected trends for office, multifamily, health care, hotels, and industrials, as well as retail enclosed shopping malls and shopping centers.
  • Forward-looking views to illustrate how each of the property markets may behave in U-shaped or W-shaped scenarios during the Covid-19 impact.
  • Affordability may be an issue with new Class A properties in coastal markets that ask high rental rates in central business districts that may take longer to recover.
  • Covid-19 has put most major new developments on hold for 2020-2021, in our opinion.
  • Influence of private equity firms, which remain highly engaged in the real estate industry with billions of dollars in dry powder to invest in undervalued properties.

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