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5G: Embarking on The Next Transformational Shift in Technology

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 | 11:00 AM ET, 8:00 AM PT

As we begin a new decade, we also enter a remarkable moment in the technology industry. As 5G scales and gains traction from both hardware manufacturers and consumers, we see a transformational shift in the technology industry. It comes as no surprise that prospects of 5G have been discussed at length by many, including government agencies across the globe. The new 5G is much more than your typical handset upgrade cycle - it is a new technology.  The implications are virtually endless, with great new features that have already been embedded in mobile devices over the years (e.g. OLED and augmented reality).

During this session CFRA’s expert analysts provided key insights to understand the breakthrough capabilities and benefits as it relates to the consumer’s shift to 5G. The evolution of 5G possesses many futuristic opportunities across a host of sectors and industries, and during this presentation they focused on those opportunities in network infrastructure build and mobile 5G.

Attendees learned:

  • Where each of the major big 4 carriers are with regards to 5G initiatives as well as which are best positioned for the major technology shift.
  • Key infrastructure considerations regarding a 5G network buildout, specifically as it pertains to major tower operators and construction & engineering companies.
  • Our outlook on the timetable of a 5G ramp up, implications on the hardware space, and which mobile chipmakers will see the biggest step up in demand and content.


Presented by:

Angelo Zino, Senior Industry Analyst, CFRA
Keith Snyder, Equity Research Analyst, CFRA
Elizabeth Vermillion, Equity Research Analyst, CFRA