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CFRA’s Independent, Forward Focused & Predictive Approach to Rating ETFs

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 | 11:00 AM ET, 8:00 AM PT

In January 2020, CFRA enhanced its ratings methodology to better reflect the unique nature of ETFs, apart from mutual funds, and the rapid changes within the ETF space. The new rating methodology enables us to identify those ETFs with consistent records of success in both up and down markets, which is important as the return of volatility seems likely to be on the horizon.

During this session CFRA’s panel of ETF experts discussed our independent, forward-focused and predictive ratings methodology, and how we use an advanced machine-learning based solution that considers critical factors across Reward, Risk and Cost sub-categories to assess a fund’s position relative to peers.


Key topics included:

  • How our ratings methodology combines forensic and fundamental approaches, including CFRA’s forensic earnings quality scores and STARS (Stock Appreciation Ranking System)
  • The fund-specific characteristics and forward-looking metrics used in the assessments of all 1,800+ ETFs we cover
  • What’s new and what’s staying the same in CFRA’s rating methodology and research
  • Timeline for changes to be implemented across CFRA research



  • Todd Rosenbluth, Head of ETF & Mutual Fund Research, CFRA
  • Will Suess, Senior Quantitative Analyst, CFRA
  • Aniket Ullal, VP, ETF Data and Analytics, CFRA


CFRA is dedicated to delivering broad coverage of ETFs and a forward-focused and predictive approach to help investors make informed investment decisions, and we bring more than a decade of experience in research and rating ETFs. 

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