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CFRA Thematic Research:
November Election and a Potential Biden Win


CFRA offers the latest research highlighting our analysts’ views on the election’s impact on the market and expectations on how various sectors, sub-industries, and stocks may be impacted, both positively and negatively, by a potential Democratic administration.


Below please find a summary of our latest thematic research, videos, and webinars as we explore this topic further in the weeks leading up to the November election.

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Last updated October 26, 2020


Snowflake Inc (SNOW)   Unpacking the Recent IPO

Published October 15, 2020


How Covid-19 is Transforming the Grocery Industry

Published October 1, 2020


The Four Key Trends in Enterprise Software: Part II, Digital Transformation

Published September 30, 2020


Focus on Infrastructure: CFRA’s Sector Views on November Election and Impact if Biden Wins

Published September 23, 2020



Retirement Savings: Assessing a Potential Biden Win on the Demand for Retirement Products

Published October 26, 2020

CFRA sees a net positive for the retirement savings market from a potential Biden victory, as a more aggressive Covid-19 strategy coupled with expected fiscal stimulus measures would drive an economic and labor market recovery in 2021 and beyond.


Pharmaceuticals: 2021 Outlook and Beyond - What’s the New Normal in an Abnormal Era? 

Published October 26, 2020

By nature, pharmaceuticals are a defensive sub-industry. Independent from the economic conditions, demand for essential drugs have remained strong and mostly unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic, a trend we expect to continue. However, the Covid-19 pandemic changed many dynamics in the industry.


EMEA Cement Producers: More Solid than Expected

Published October 26, 2020

Eurozone construction activities plunged to record lows in April 2020 and remained in the contractionary territory due to the Covid-19 pandemic—spreading the negative sentiment to cement producers.


Financial Exchanges: Implications of a Potential Biden Victory and Financial Transaction Tax

Published October 19, 2020

If Biden is elected, we may see the imposition of a financial transaction tax, or a tax imposed on every financial security trade. If imposed, the tax could lower trading volumes at many of the financial exchanges in the U.S. by 10% to 20% or more, by our calculations.


Industrials: A Potential Biden Victory and the Future of Electrification for Machinery & Heavy Trucks 

Published October 12, 2020

If Biden is elected, we expect the Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks sub-industry to benefit from increased focus and investment in electrification and emission-free technologies.


Agricultural Products: Is Biden Better for Rural America?

Published October 12, 2020

The past few years have been nothing short of difficult for the U.S. agriculture sector, as climate-related disasters, weak ethanol and biofuel demand, U.S.- China trade tensions, and now the Covid-19 pandemic have wreaked havoc on farmers and businesses.

Transportation: Corporate Gas Guzzlers Could Benefit from Biden Climate Policies 

Published October 5, 2020

Two key tenets of candidate Biden’s climate policy are eliminating carbon-emissions from U.S. electricity generation by 2035 and transitioning U.S. consumers off gas-powered cars and trucks. With 63% of U.S. electricity currently generated from carbon-emitting fossil fuels, and 98% of new U.S. cars still running on gas, these policies would bring major changes to the economy.

Utilities: What Might a Potential Biden Presidency Mean for Renewable Energy? 

Published October 5, 2020

A Biden victory in November would mark a divergence from current energy policies, ultimately impacting the role of fossil fuels and renewables in energy generation. The utilities sector has lagged when it comes to investing in renewable energy, therefore massive spending would be needed to meet Biden’s goals.

APAC Communication Services: Winners and Losers from Trump’s China Tech Restrictions Key 

Published October 5, 2020

U.S. President Trump’s Executive Order to ban TikTok and WeChat will see ByteDance and Tencent taking a hit, but to varying degrees. ByteDance will lose full access to a fast-growing market, where it may face potential shareholding and market share dilution. For Tencent, the ban is limited to its WeChat application. 


Broadcast TV: Covid-19 Shouldn't Derail Record Political Ads for the Election

Published September 28, 2020

While the 2020 elections on November 3 portend very keen races at the federal, states, and local levels, the Covid-19 pandemic has remarkably muddled the current elections cycle, in our view.


Health Care: Health Care Facilities Likely to Benefit if Biden Wins in November

Published September 28, 2020

A potential Biden/Harris win in the November 2020 election would have a net positive effect on Health Care Facilities, in our view. Expansion of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would likely increase revenue growth and decrease bad debt expense.



11/18: A Lump of Coal? CFRA’s 2020 Holiday Outlook 

CFRA senior analysts Garrett Nelson, Camilla Yanushevsky, and Tuna Amobi discuss the macro-economic trends in retailing, how Covid-19 has changed how and where people shop, and the winners, losers, and companies to watch.


How to Select Stocks Using ESG Criteria

CFRA partnered with TrueMark Investments for a webinar where we discussed choosing stocks using ESG metrics, how it can help mitigate risk, and the ESG ETF landscape and the differences between active- and index-based strategies.