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Forensic Accounting
Company & Industry Research
for Academics


For 25 years, CFRA has highlighted companies with significant aggressive accounting practices, disclosure issues, and risk of business deterioration.  As public company management teams may use complicated accounting tricks to hide operational deterioration, CFRA provides actionable analysis of “Biggest Concern” companies to help investors make sound investment and risk management decisions. 

University professors leverage CFRA’s research in their undergraduate and MBA programs by using our industry research, historical case studies, and examples of financial shenanigans to strengthen their financial statement analysis and accounting curriculum.

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CFRA's industry and educational research provide students with
a roadmap on how to analyze a company or industry. 

Case Studies
by Topic

Review forensic accounting techniques and highlight the various levers management may employ to hide financial and operational risks, leveraging CFRA's extensive library of examples of financial shenanigans.


Industry Risk Assessment Profiles 

Highlight the accounting issues most relevant to a subindustry. Reports include red flags, specific industry metrics, disclosure issues, relevant accounting standards, and more. 

Fundamental Investment Research

Combine forensic accounting research with CFRA's independent investment research and Industry Surveys to better understand broader market trends and themes impacting an industry.

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CFRA forensic research covers on an extensive universe of companies and industries believed to have significantly poor quality of reported financial results, operational metrics and corporate governance problems. In addition to providing company reports,
CFRA maintains a list of “Biggest Concern” companies that our analysts feel have the most downside potential
in the market based on hidden risks in the financial statements.