AdvisoryWorld & CFRA:

Find and Analyze New Investments with Portfolio Tools



Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 11:00 am EDT

During this webinar, experts from CFRA and AdvisoryWorld shared insights into how you can find an analyze new investments with portfolio tools.

Are you looking to differentiate your investment planning offering? Hypothetical tools are an easy and effective way to find and analyze investments based on the criteria that is important to your clients, while taking your wealth management workflow to another level.

CFRA has partnered with AdvisoryWorld to deliver Hypothetical Illustration & Analysis Tools that let you create hypothetical portfolios tailored to clients’ needs and consider the effects of contributions and withdrawals, rebalancing, taxes, expenses, inflation and more. With one click, you can access CFRA’s industry-leading stock, mutual fund, ETF and fixed income research on MarketScope Advisor for all portfolio constituents.

During this session, we showed you how you can power your wealth management workflow with hypothetical tools:

  • Find and analyze investments based on dozens of diversification- and performance-based statistics
  • Compare portfolios, models, and/or investments side-by-side
  • Back-test portfolios for proposals, periodic reviewS, and suitability purposes
  • Demonstrate how hypothetical investment landscape changes would have affected portfolios
  • Import client account and position information accessed from leading CRM and portfolio management apps


Presented by:  Ryan W. Smith, Director of Client Relations, AdvisoryWorld

Moderated by: Stacy Iamele, VP Sales & Account Management, CFRA


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Webinar Presentation: Find and Analyze New Investments with Portfolio Tools | Nov 08, 2018