The Outlook

2021 Annual Forecast

Published December 14, 2020

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The Outlook is an investment website from CFRA: Intelligence for the Individual Investor.


The Outlook draws from the deep expertise of CFRA’s widely respected staff of strategists, researchers and analysts, The Outlook identifies the developments and trends that affect stock performance and makes recommendations on when to buy, hold, and sell.


This special edition features CFRA's Sector Stance, CFRA's recommended overweight/marketweight/underweight stance for each sector of the S&P 500; 45 provocative predictions from our team of U.S. equity analysts; an interesting take on ETFs that offer international diversification in an unusual manner; a report on actively-managed tax-free funds; and a portfolio that follows CFRA’s sector weighting advice and affords diversification among the 11 sectors.



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