About Us

CFRA's ETF and Data Analytics provide data & analytics that help to quickly generate investment insights & monitor risk for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

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Our clients are asset managers and financial software platforms, and they tend to be innovative, early adopters of ETF products & data. We collaborate closely with our clients, often creating new & unique datasets for global ETFs. This includes daily ETF holdings, comparison tools, and risk monitoring dashboards. CFRA 's ETF and Data Analytics team combines deep expertise in the Indexing & ETF domain with statistical programming and data visualization skills. Our team members have been involved in launching new indices & ETFs and building systems to classify and analyze large data sets.

Why We're Growing:

Historically, investors who wanted access to a specific investment strategy would buy baskets of individual securities or use specialized managers. This was often research intensive & expensive. The introduction of ETFs changed this - it now gave them tradable, transparent, low cost access to specific asset classes & strategies. This resulted in an explosion in the availability of ETF products. Consequently, there is a need for institutional quality data & tools to analyze, compare and monitor ETFs. CFRA's ETF and Data Analytics addressed this problem by creating high-quality ETF data & analytic dashboards that integrate directly into a professional investor's workflow.

Our products are delivered in two ways:

  • Data feed: Designed for clients that want an institutional quality ETF data feed for their internal research or external applications.

  • Web-based visualizations: Designed for analysts and professional investors focused on the ETF space. Provides interactive access to the global ETF universe, with the ability to run interactive reports and download raw data files. This includes a breakdown of listings by region, smart beta analysis and new listings globally.

Our Values

  • Deliver our services by being objective, reliable, and independent.

  • Be thoughtful and balanced when evaluating the merits and risks of ETFs.

  • Partner closely with clients to create new data, tools, and delivery formats.


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