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ESG Approaches in ETFs

Understanding ETF Strategies that Align with

Sustainable and Responsible Investing


Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 11:00 am EDT | 4:00 pm GMT

Advisors are increasingly seeing the appeal of ETFs that offer exposure to stocks based on Environmental, Social and/or Governance (ESG) criteria. While many investors have interest in incorporating ESG factors into their investment strategy, the collective ETF assets remains small. CFRA thinks this is partially the result of many not understanding what they are and what’ really inside their fund.

During CFRA's webinar on June 12, we explored this topic further. Todd Rosenbluth, CFRA Head of ETF & Mutual Fund Research and Arne Noack, Head of U.S. Product Development at DWS discussed:

  • What makes an ESG ETFs different than a market-cap weighted or smart-beta index fund?
  • What are examples of the companies that meet the ESG criteria used by a prominent index provider?
  • How should advisors consider these products relative to their broader portfolio?


Presented by:

  • Todd Rosenbluth, Head of ETF and Mutual Fund Research, CFRA
  • Arne Noack, Managing Director, Product Development US, DWS



 Arne Noack, Head of U.S. Product Development at DWS

Arne is currently the Managing Director of the Product Development team for DWS in the Americas. Prior to his current role, he led the product development effort for the Exchange Traded Fund business of DWS in the US. Prior to joining the team in New York, Arne was the Head of Exchange Traded Product Development for EMEA based in London. When joining the Company in 2007, Arne was responsible for providing non-listed structured funds solutions for both institutional and private client distribution throughout Europe as well as a member of the ETF structuring team for db X-trackers. Arne holds a degree in Economics from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany.


 Todd Rosenbluth, Head of ETF and Mutual Fund Research, CFRA

Todd Rosenbluth is Senior Director of ETF and Mutual Fund Research at CFRA where he leads the firm’s holdings-based research efforts. Todd publishes regular thought leadership content on equity and fixed income products, supports the quantitative fund models and interacts with clients. He also serves as a member of CFRA’s Investment Policy Committee. Todd has frequently provided ETF education at Inside ETFs conferences and been quoted in media outlets, such as Barron’s, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Todd also held the position of Senior Director of ETF and Mutual Fund Research for S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Prior to joining CFRA, Todd previously served in other financial positions at S&P Global, such as International Mutual Fund Sector Specialist, Large Cap Value and Large Cap Growth Analyst and has served on the Fund Services Asset Allocation Committee. Prior to joining S&P Global in 2001, Todd was managing editor of Value Line Mutual Fund Survey and Senior Large Cap and Small Cap Value Mutual Fund Analyst. He was also a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley.

Todd holds a B.G.S in Finance from the University of Michigan and an MBA in Finance from New York University.


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